In The Beginning..

Our adventure begins in the Corporeal Plane of existence. One of the four planes that exist within the Astral Plane. It is said that Dwarves were the first to inhabit this plane and they were created to rule the land as Gods incarnate. It is rumored that the High Elves came to the Ethereal Plane (a flawless and mystical plane) soon after followed by the Dragonborn, Gnomes, Half-Orc, Humans, Half-Elves, Tieflings, and the Halflings.

Time took hold and the planes began to shift. The Corporeal Plane drifted away from the Celestial Plane (the realm where the Gods walk) and the relationship between the mortals and the Gods have faded.

This close relationship between the Gods of the Celestial Plane and those of the Corporeal Plane are at the greatest distance. Age corrodes what once was a sacred bond between the two planes. The occupants of this mortal realm find themselves scattered and divided. The trust between the races have been broken; each race believes its’ adversary is at fault for the Gods forsaking them. The existence of the Corporeal Plane is threatened by the persistent opposition of the Umbral Plane.

The Umbral Plane is a miscalculated existence of a vile and putrid culture that is infiltrating the Corporeal Plane. Rifts have formed and gateways are being opened. The desolate shadow is saturating the Corporeal Plane and the existence of the mortal realm is at peril.