The Cast

The Cast

Michael Glenn


Michael is our novice Dungeon Master who leads our young adventurers on their journey through an epic campaign of Dungeons & Dragons. He is a Twitch partner, YouTube content creator, Internet Personality, and Podcast Host. He likes video games, music, geeky gadgets, and long walks to the fridge. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, artist, philosopher, dreamer, and a quick learner. He especially has a raw talent for falling upstairs and making the mistake of thinking there are more steps than are actually there.



Deanna Fae


Deanna plays a blood hunter named Taliya who has devoted her life to hunting the monsters plaguing the realm. She is a cosplayer, propmaker, and a full-time nerd. She loves gaming, anime, creepy podcasts, and of course roleplaying.



Hawke Robinson


Hawke is playing the eccentric 6’7″ Dwarven Bard of the Ironwood Clan, wielding instruments, songs, stories, and magic. Role-playing gaming since 1979, a published retired computer scientist & IT executive, father of 3, recreation & music therapist, researcher, founder of the RPG Research Project, and many other endeavors. Enjoys cross-country motorcycle adventures, outdoors recreation, ASL, target practice with firearms & bow, martial arts since 1974, and playing 20+ instruments.



Kay Evans


Kay plays Anhura, the secretive Tiefling Rogue, a creature of dark alleys and even darker humor. Kay is a makeup artist by day and Twitch broadcaster by night. She enjoys gaming of all flavors, from table tops like Ticket to Ride and Munchkin, to PC titles like Rust and Arma III. When she’s not gaming, she can likely be found snuggled up with Somewhere the Dog and a graphic novel (most recently, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples).



Jerry “Myre” OB


Myre plays the erudite warlock, so lost in the capricious demands of his mysterious tome and the journey that it has set him on that he has almost all but forgotten who he is anymore. A biologist by trade, he is a Twitch Streamer, Voice Actor and is training for his 1st Dan (Black Belt) in Karate. He enjoys most games, especially RPGs, but has a soft spot for anything Sci-Fi which has led to him streaming copious amounts of Star Citizen!



Kiki Sylphine


Kiki is playing our High Elf Druid, a proficient survivor who is devoted to protecting the ethereal guardians and preserving the precious balance of nature. She is a Twitch streamer and long time gamer, who typically enjoy survival games, RPGs, and MMO’s. Outside of gaming, she loves make-up, cooking, and watching her favorite movies over and over.



Jason Matthews


Jason is playing the Dragonborn who is bound by oath, a Paladin on a crusade to cleanse the evil wicked. He is a comic enthusiast, video game addict, and devoted father of four. On his free time, he enjoys paintballing, watching movies, anime, and sometimes he enjoys cooking. But let’s be honest here, his true talent is eating.



Ellie Serio


Ellie is our Inkslinger based in Turin, Italy who brings to life the story and artistically records these legends. Illustrator based in Turin, Italy. She attended the International School of Comics, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and to Master of Illustration & Concept Art at Event Horizon. She worked for some Italian publishing houses/comic books as an illustrator and colorist, and for some software houses and private commitments. Now she works as a concept artist and 2D video game artist. She likes everything that is fantasy and horror related, from movies to books to videogames.