Said to be created by the Gods to rule the Corporeal Plane, Mountain Dwarves and their Hill Dwarf cousins are considered to be the oldest race to walk the land.

Mountain Dwarves


The Durok clan are the guardians of Dun Mines. They are believed to have been given this sacred duty to protect Dun Mines by the Gods themselves. This is the largest dwarven clan made up of minor sects to remain self-sufficient.


This is the militant group of Mountain Dwarves. The most ruthless and well trained fighters of the all Dwarven societies.


The legendary weapon and armor smiths known for their prestigious metal working abilities.


The stone working sect of the Mountain Dwarves. Their stonework and runic proficiency is unrivaled.


Working closely with the Metalmakers and Stonemauls, these artisans are known for their gem work.


These dwarves are the keepers of The Aetherium Forge. They are the protectors and engineers of this ancestrial forge.


The scholars and record keepers of Dun Mines. These dwarves work closely with the Thorin clan for the preservation of dwarven history and runic inscriptions.


The Keldar is the dwarven clan of metalworkers and master smiths. Also known for their innate and masterful mining skills.


Thorin members are the scholarly guardians of dwarven history. They protect all the documents, artifacts, and tombs in the Hall of Records.

Hill Dwarves


Baruns are a proud group of hill dwellers. Rowdy and full of pride, this dwarven clan is known for their handy stonework and for their love and tolerance of mead. This clan is also famous for their meadmaking.


The Kalderan clan occupies Ironhold in the western region located south of Dun Mines. This is a militant faction with the duty to protect the Hill Dwarves and aid their Mountain Dwarf cousins when in need. They spend most of their time training for battle.


The Gildar clan, also known as the Ironwood Clan, reside in The Iron Forest. This nature bound tribal-like clan is known for their logging and foraging abilities.


Elves are said to come from the Ethereal Plane of existence; a result of a Celestial event involving Ethereal Essence and Magic of Incarnum on the Corporeal Plane. They are the divine protectors of the sun, moon, stars, and nature.

High Elves


Created to guide and protect the ethereal guardians and entrusted with the power of the ethereal tree of Ŷr.


The Solarians were given the responsibility to ensure the sun was not consumed by the darkness.

Wood Elves


The Sylvan elves were the guardians of the forest and were sworn to protect Ýllethil, the tree that grants the life energy to nature.


Gifted the responsibility of the moon and the stars, these nocturnal elves were the guardians of the night. The Lunalei are the natural protectors of peace and tranquility. Be not weary while your rest for the Lunalei watch over you.


The Dhaerow (Drow) are the outcome of centuries of corruption to a group of Lunalei. Delving into the Umbral Plane and experimenting with dark magic, they’ve broken their sacred oath. Because of this, they’ve been condemned to the shadow. That corrupted power-driven tribe of Lunalei became what we now call the Dhaerow.


Our version of the Dragonborn race is cosmetically different from that of the traditional Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. 

The Dragonborn in our universe mark quite a resemblance to humans. They often stand a bit taller than the average human, close to six and a half feet tall, and weigh roughly 300 lbs due to their tougher skin and denser bone structure. Their skin tone and eye color slightly resemble their draconic ancestry. Their eyes are shaped like their dragon ancestors’ and their hands are like that of a human’s but nails are much tougher and clawlike. Their humanlike jaw structures are equipped with razor sharp teeth.

The Dragonborn have a deep hatred for the Vāurkai that extends to all Orc related races, including Half-Orc.


The Ixen (Fire) draconic clan is a fierce offensive clan with a primitive warlike culture. They honor their clan above all else and have a selective breeding tradition to eliminate weakness from within the clan.


The Vignar (Ash) draconic clan is known for their religious spirituality and determination for the preservation of ancient draconic traditions.


The Irnok (Scrivener) draconic clan are the protectors of draconic knowledge and ancestral magic. The Vāurkai have pushed this clan out of their dwelling and they now reside within the Ixen clan’s stronghold.







The Half-Orcs are the direct result of ancient Human and Orc alliances. These alliances have been broken long ago, but the Half-Orc race endures and they are somewhat accepted amongst both the human and orc civilizations.


The Rārkai is a tribal group of nomadic Half-Orcs who have renounced their relation to the Orcs and Humans. Their appearance and physical characteristics are the same as the Half-Orcs but their belief system and mentality are much different. The Rārkai are peaceful in nature and have a strong spiritual energy. They have adopted the role as guardians of mother nature and their faith resonates with a strong moral foundation for the will of good. They trust the spirits of the land and often turn to them for guidance.