Other Races


For the most part, the Orc race of this world is much like that in the typical Dungeons & Dragons 5E system. There may be a few tribal variations that are worth noting.


The Vāurkai is one of the most threatening Orc tribes in the Corporeal Plane. Centuries of a barbaric form of selective breeding have resulted in an elite race of Orc. With the land in question to who will rise to power, the Vāurkai have advanced. With no political boundaries other than to take the land for themselves and enslave or kill all who oppose, the Vāurkai pose a real threat to everyone, sometimes including themselves when smaller clans begin to form from within the tribe. The tribal chief is known as the Krā Vāurkai.

The Irnok Dragonborn clan have been the first to defend themselves in a war against the Vāurkai. The Irnok clan has fallen and were forced to retreat. They are now under the protection of the Ixen Dragonborn clan.