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    Heh. Black suits him.

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    We almost lost everything today all on the Bloodhunter’s wish to retrieve her lost book…
    I think I can relate to that *smirks*

    What we lost in return was no small price…for some.

    The oafle-…Zackimus is no more. (no sleep lost there)
    His master’s inital response was…as to be expected, however, what came next was something e…[Read more]

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    Much of the events that followed in our encounter with the little girl…Eva…are clouded in my mind. I remember that feeling in my gut of grim desperation as the promise of the book’s return sang in my heart but…what did I do? The others speak not of how it returned to my possession and so for now I think it best not to ask.

    To be toyed with by…[Read more]

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    W-when did she discover her ability to change into that *thing*?! And at will no less!

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    Emptiness. Profound and utter emptiness. Nothing matters. My cause? My purpose? Who am I again? What am I doing with these people? I am lost in utter desolation.

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    Why…why…WHY?! That oaf and his…his…OAFLET! We’ve lost everything! INCLUDING THE BOOK! THE BOOK! TH– *the rest of the entry is illegible*

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    We must embark on this quest for Lord Beyurial and we shall be rewarded. Knowledge is power and through our Lord we shall have it. Unquestioningly I now go. I am with purpose once more.

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    1- I can’t really say that I was surprised about the whole “cursed half-wolf” situation that was plaguing the scarred one. Gazing through her mind, experiencing the world through her it was pretty evident that Talia is a little more than ordinary. One, however didn’t need the nose of a dog in order to smell that that orc must not to be trusted…[Read more]

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    After what seemed like a blistering eternity we made it upon Tommerstock escorted by a man claiming to be in league with the oaf. Just what we need at a time like this, more light-spewing busybodies meddling in things that they have no business with. I stayed my tongue for most of this brief encounter as not to have it cut out by an overly zealous…[Read more]

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    The journey through the forest was rather uneventful as we made good pace strummed along by that infernal bard’s warbling. For all its preconceived dangers, the Fallbourne forest didn’t give much resistance, save for perhaps the appearance of three rather frenzied bears. The Bloodhunter…That Bloodhunter…I’m not sure if its her attempt to make…[Read more]

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    I haven’t been more frightened or embarrassed as when I was unceremoniously dispatched by some trivial rogue. I may have almost lost my life but I also almost lost possession of the tome; to survive without it at this point would be…meaningless…

    I’m reeling from other events this day and it’s still not over yet. To think that the Paladin of…[Read more]

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    Capital. The first time the book has called to me since this all began and it had to be *here* in front of a @Paladin of all people and for what? To deliver one of its invaluable versos to some…High Elf. I shudder to think what lies in store for me but…go I must.

    …Is this oaf following me?

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