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    That other knight is skilled, I have to give him that… but he completely destroyed Tin! After I had given him my word just a couple of hours before! I have failed again! My word is my bond, but my word is worthless!
    *Gavin pulls out an old journal entry:*
    It was a hot summer afternoon, My squad and I were on leave in Razia’s Fortress, my commanding officer, Sir Nicolas, was having a party at his house, and as the son of the Duke of Redholt, I had to attend.
    Sir Nicolas was hosting a big summer feast, with music, dancing, live entertainment and all the food you could imagine!
    Whilst I was partaking the many activities available, I laid mine eyes on the most beautiful dame I had ever seen. Her long auburn hair, dancing in the wind as she was moving gracefully through the dancing crowd, her deep green eyes looking full of wonder and life, and her mouth with full red lips gave of the most mesmerizing smile one can think of. I was struck with love on first sight. I had to know who this girl was.
    I tried to subtly make his way over to her, but was not so fortunate, I fell over just as I got close to her, bumping into one of the waiters, spilling his drink, and the platter of food the waiter was carrying all over the floor. “This is a disaster” I thought as he looked up, covered in dirt, spilled food and wine on my clothes.
    What I saw was Amélia laughing, my heart started racing even more. Clumsily I got back on my feet and tried to say “Greetings, the name is Gavin Cromwell”, but I was stumbling over my words. This is what I ended up getting out: “G-g-g-g-greetings, name G-g-g-g-cromwell Gavin is…” My face turning as red as the wine-stain on my shirt. She started laughing even harder.
    Feeling like an utter fool and a complete failure, I was about to turn around and walk away, as Amélia said: “Greetings Gavin, my name is Amélia Laval, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Making a courtesy bow in my direction. “Are you enjoying my family’s party?”
    After regaining my composure I replied: “Why yes, ‘t is a perfect festivity, good food, good wine, amazing entertainment and great company”
    Amélia and I ended up talking to each other for most of the evening.
    And so it was that every time I was on leave I would meet up with Amélia at every opportunity to spend time with her. As time went by, we grew ever closer to one another, going from being friends to having courtship and wooing in secrecy. As it was not standard practice for the children of nobility to court out of love.
    4 years had passed since our initial meeting and one day, when I was on leave, we met up at their favourite tree. Amélia was waiting for me, her eyes in tears… “Oh Gavin, my love, I have the worst of news” she muttered through her snickering and tears. “My father says I’m to be married to Robert, the son of Luc Portmont, the Baron of a territory somewhere in the common land. We can no longer be together!”
    I was struck and frozen upon hearing this news, but managed to regain my senses. I took Amélia in mine arms to comfort her. “My Amélia dearest, that is terrible news, but what of you, do you wish to marry this man?” – “No, but for the betterment of both mine family and theirs, this has to be done, oh I wish there was something we could do!”
    By now both of us were in tears, both aching from a broken heart. But I had an idea!
    “What if we eloped, my dearest Amélia, we could run away, get married and settle down on a farmland somewhere?” – “I would love nothing more” Amelia replied. “But how are we going to afford all that?”
    “I have some gold on me from my latest payment, and we could take my horse and just be off, we don’t need much as long as we have each other!
    We were going to run away at mid of night, sneak out of the city and be off to the far reaches of Razia’s Kingdom to start a simple life, together…
    But it was not meant to be, as you see, Sir Nicolas Laval was aware of our love affair and got wind of what was to go down that night.
    As it was time to meet up to run away together, I arrived at our tree, to see that not Amélia was waiting, but Sir Nicolas, together with 3 guards. Arresting me. If it wasn’t for mine father’s intervention, I would have been hung. But now I had lost everything, mine love,mine family, mine honor and mine respect… I was discharged out of the army, and banished by mine own father. I would take to the road to redeem myself, and perhaps one day, be able to see mine dearest Amélia again, though I will never be able to regain my one true love.
    But for some time, I was a broken man, I had promised mine sweetest that we’d be together forever, that I’d always be there for her, but I could not deliver. I felt angry, hate, self-loathing and feeling utterly lost. Over time I would be able to get back to my old optimistic self, but this left scars that will haunt me for the rest of my days…
    I saw this memory flash before mine eyes, the pain resurfaced, the anger, hate, confliction, it all came back, and I lost it! Everything went black before my eyes, all I could think of was kill the man who made my break my word! Apparently I even struck at Ebron, the Tiefling, as he tried to calm me down… If it weren’t for Marvisha getting through to me, I dare not imagine what would have happened… Naturally, the Tiefling didn’t like what I did and engulfed me in some otherworldly flames… Must have been his demon ancestry… I collapsed from my pain and fatigue… I’m lucky to have survived, but I didn’t deserve to… Mine actions threatened the whole group, I have failed Tin, I have failed myself and I put everyone at risk… I’m a failure… What did I do!
    *A couple of tears fall on to the journal entry about Amélia*