• Scott North posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Earlier we met the Voiceless Ones again, that lady whose arm I cut off wanted to broker a deal with us… I reluctantly agreed to hear them out if it would mean that Tin would be spared their wrath… We are on our way to investigate that bolt of lightning now, after which we’dd go meet up with them in the underworld of Razia’s Fortress, or whatever they called it… I don’t really care, I’ll see what happens, but I’ll take my actions according what I feel is best for the majority and not for any one person!
    They sent one of their own with us, a Tiefling named Ebrone, Lebrons,… EBRON, that was it! Pretty cool, on all my travels I’ve never met a Tiefling before!
    I’m interested into learning who he is, but I’m also happy we can just relax a nice carriage ride on our way there, the last battle left me a bit fatigued…