• Scott North posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    So, we met up with that lady, Falaffal? I don’t quite remember her name… It doesn’t matter, the lady of the Creed of the Eight Divines… My suspicions on the Elf were correct also… it seems she was part of said creed and was undercover to rate us… Good riddance I’dd say, I didn’t quite like her…
    As we were talking about what we had to do next, the sky went dark! And a massive lightning bolt hit the earth to the north of us! The lady urged us to go check it out, because it’s there that we’ll find clues to the Ark of the Angels? Or whatever it is we’re supposed to look for, a box with a relic in it… What have I gotten myself into this time… I really need to start thinking before I act… Though it does seem that this quest seems to be rather important, it may be what I need to do to redeem myself, but I can’t let my own needs to get in the way of the greater good… I must think of the general population before I think of myself! Wether this quest redeems my stained name, or stains it even more, I have to do all in my power to protect and help the populous of Sidasta!