• Scott North posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Well, we arrived at the tomb earlier, the priestess was there, I met the people I was going to be working with. A High Elf mage, a Half-Elf fighter, a Half-Elf ranger, a Gnome warrior and a Human Pacifist who apparently is a healer? An interesting party indeed, the Gnome worries me, he doesn’t look like someone in a fighting shape, but than again, I haven’t seen an actual Gnome before, so what do I know.

    We were tasked to find a box in this tomb, easy enough… Or so we thought! We found some bandits inside the tomb! We had quite a struggle fighting them off, there was very little teamwork, but I guess that’s normal when total strangers are forced to fight together for the first time! We got lucky though, I managed to take the majority down rather quickly, but our healer went down instantly! HE DIDN’T CHECK HIS BLOODY CORNERS!!!!! Luckily that ranger, I think his name is Dao, knew some basic medical care to get him back up his feet so he could tend to everyone’s wounds… After a short rest we went further into the tomb and came across more bandits… After a long and bloody fight (that Half-Elf fighter, Marvisha, is bat-shit crazy, dancing in the blood of the dead, but she seems interesting enough) and after saving the Gnome’s life (he’s bloody brutal for a small fat bellied little knee-high, ought to respect that). We lined up the survivors for interrogation… That was a total mess, we were going against each other more than getting actual intel… And you know, we did learn some things! These bandits… Not bandits, they are the bloody VOICELESS ONES! Dinfinkle, the Gnome, cut of their captain’s hands, the Elf seemed to trust the woman (I forgot her name, I’ll have to ask the others if they remember), but I don’t. She seems like a vengeful person who will enact her revenge at the first opportunity… When it seemed obvious that we were going to let them go I took precautions, to the dismay of pretty much everyone of the group, but oh well, when they took off she killed her captain, only proves to me my decision and suspicions were justified…
    There was a third captive, a boy named Tin, who wet himself, boy, was he scared! I promised him to protect him until we find some place safe to let him stay… Poor kid!

    Our current group… The Elf, I don’t like her… she’s inconsistent, I don’t trust her… Looks likes she won’t be staying with us for long either… The Half Elf, Marvisha, like I said, bat-shit crazy, but interesting enough, I’ll enjoy getting to know her better, wether it makes me fear or like her is yet to be seen, but she’s interesting enough to put the effort into getting to know her better!
    The other half elf, Doa, he may not like it, but he seems to be the one able to let everyone listen… If we are going to be stuck together, I say he leads us, he has a knack for it… His aim isn’t the greatest though, but it may have been the novelty of our group in combat that messed that up, we’ll see…
    Emil, the healer, damn, that second fight he was our guardian angel! We’dd have died without him, a lot has happened, too much to write down, not enough time to do so, but I misjudged him, he deserves respect either way, but perhaps I shouldn’t make too much fun of him…

    Last, but not least, Dinfinkle, the Gnome, a barbarian when it comes to combat, just goes into a fury, but don’t let his size catch you off guard, you’ll regret it… At first I was worried about him… But I kind of like the guy, he understands that sometimes you need to do drastic things for the greater good… I think we may end up getting along, or not at all.
    As for all of these, time will tell, but I’ll work with them regardless, we’re stuck together, we don’t have to like each other, but we have to be there for one another regardless!