• Scott North posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    It’s been a while since last I wrote in this journal… I don’t even know when I last wrote in this…
    I have yet to reclaim mine honor lost, but I’ve been helping out in towns and protecting caravans in return for food and lodging, and the occasional gold to afford repairs on my equipment.
    I think it’s been 6 years, give or take… The journey has been long, I’m headed towards the city of Dareth, I should arrive at sunset… I’ll try and find a room in a local inn and look for work tomorrow, I have some gold left, and I’m in dire need for a hot meal, a mug of mead and a warm bed to sleep in… What I wouldn’t give for a warm bath though… I’dd enjoy that, but no time for such luxuries, there is a lot of pain in the world, so slacking off is not an option!