• Scott North posted an update 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    I remember it clearly! ‘Twas a warm summer evening when I returned at my paternal home, the Grand Manor of Redholt. Upon entering it’s main hall mine eyes laid upon my father, sitting in his chair next to the fire. “You! He had shouteth… “Thy hast tainted thine name, and by extension mine! I will no longer stand for your foolishness! I hereby disown you and exile you from this house! And don’t you dare come back here, lest by some divine miracle you accomplish a feat so noble that thou can be redeemed! Now out of mine sight with you!”… That summer night, warm it may have been, felt like the coldest raining winter night… And I’ve been on the road ever since!

    Alas, I a noble no longer, and the only skill I own is the way of the blade! ‘T is for this that I work to protect those in need, all whilst searching for a new purpose in life!
    And how I miss my dearest Amelia, surely she’s married by now to that old crow! It still angers me to this day, doth Father not know that True Love is the strongest power in this world! But he is correct, I did taint mine name, and mine family’s too… I can never face Amelia and my mother dearest, my brother and little sister if I do not reclaim mine honor…

    I WILL reclaim my honor, by Eros, I swear thee! I shall succeed on this most important quest!