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  • All below is the journal of Gavin Cromwell

  • This will probably be my last journal entry… I don’t know if I’ll make it out of here alive. If this journal ever makes it towards my family:
    To Alex, Older brother of mine, I’m sorry, your teachings have proved useful through my travels, but it wasn’t enough… I love you, I miss you!
    To mine sister, Thea, I miss your stories and your laughter,…[Read more]

  • Well, I’m not sure what happened today… But we got away, everything went black in front of my eyes when Tin died… Anyway, when we set up camp some wolves attacked us… I wasn’t able to fight, but hearing the Tiefling, Ebron, scream like that, I managed to get back to my senses. It was a tiring battle, but I managed to get a full night’s sleep…[Read more]

  • That other knight is skilled, I have to give him that… but he completely destroyed Tin! After I had given him my word just a couple of hours before! I have failed again! My word is my bond, but my word is worthless!
    *Gavin pulls out an old journal entry:*
    It was a hot summer afternoon, My squad and I were on leave in Razia’s Fortress,…[Read more]

  • We met up with two Knights of the Steward’s army… I tried to talk them to let us through, but they wanted to arrest the Tiefling… I was just about to convince him to go with the guards when Dao shot one of them out of nowhere! Bloody idiot… Without thinking I just drew my sword when I saw an arrow hit the Knight and instinctively slashed at…[Read more]

  • Earlier we met the Voiceless Ones again, that lady whose arm I cut off wanted to broker a deal with us… I reluctantly agreed to hear them out if it would mean that Tin would be spared their wrath… We are on our way to investigate that bolt of lightning now, after which we’dd go meet up with them in the underworld of Razia’s Fortress, or…[Read more]

  • So, we met up with that lady, Falaffal? I don’t quite remember her name… It doesn’t matter, the lady of the Creed of the Eight Divines… My suspicions on the Elf were correct also… it seems she was part of said creed and was undercover to rate us… Good riddance I’dd say, I didn’t quite like her…
    As we were talking about what we had to do…[Read more]

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  • Well, we arrived at the tomb earlier, the priestess was there, I met the people I was going to be working with. A High Elf mage, a Half-Elf fighter, a Half-Elf ranger, a Gnome warrior and a Human Pacifist who apparently is a healer? An interesting party indeed, the Gnome worries me, he doesn’t look like someone in a fighting shape, but than again,…[Read more]

  • The day is Válkadagr, Ýlir, 24th

    Five days ago I arrived in this city, I did some odd jobs for the local inn and other residents in return for food and lodging while I was looking for a contract…
    I had noticed that the Notice Board had a new note hanging on. It got me curious, so I check it out:
    “We are urgently looking for experienced p…[Read more]

  • It’s been a while since last I wrote in this journal… I don’t even know when I last wrote in this…
    I have yet to reclaim mine honor lost, but I’ve been helping out in towns and protecting caravans in return for food and lodging, and the occasional gold to afford repairs on my equipment.
    I think it’s been 6 years, give or take… The journey…[Read more]

  • I remember it clearly! ‘Twas a warm summer evening when I returned at my paternal home, the Grand Manor of Redholt. Upon entering it’s main hall mine eyes laid upon my father, sitting in his chair next to the fire. “You! He had shouteth… “Thy hast tainted thine name, and by extension mine! I will no longer stand for your foolishness! I hereby…[Read more]

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