• @Rogue posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    Day 8

    Razia. Not a complete disaster, but mostly so.

    @paladin is… well he’s an idiot. Did he really think he could surprise draft us into the bloody freaking army? Sure, there’s certainly treasure inside that fortress worth stealing. And a trove of secrets worth overhearing. Indeed, my greed nearly aligned me with his mission. Thank the Gods for @bloodhunter and @bard for acting with common sense and taking leave to get shit faced.

    Apparently, Ebron has made progress helping me out of the Voiceless Ones. I sent him a message… he’s got to be able to point me toward the effing box.

    Pretty sure I’ve got myself a contact in the market who can shrink my orc head. LET’S GO!

    Also pretty sure that meddlesome soldier (I forget his name, but he was rather handsome) tried to hit on me. Might work on his timing, I just narrowly avoided recruitment into THE FREAKING ARMY… He did have a decent idea for attaining audience with the Steward, except I don’t trust anyone in our party to win one on one combat…