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    What is up with that Bloodhunter, I had a perfect plan to get these damn rocks, I guess I should have told them the plan. That is in hindsight. That book she cares all of the time, I wonder what treasures it has inside of it? This so-called dwarf keeps on hiding behind me, is there something or someone he is hiding from? How I miss Zackimus, my…[Read more]

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    So the gods have damned me once again. Why did they have to take the life of Zackimus? He was a light-hearted lad, all he wanted to do is make everyone happy. I should have praised him more often ya he might have made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? I have had enough of these so-called gods.. All they do is play games with us mere mortals! This…[Read more]

  • Torin posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    So what’s with all these privies? Anhura first, now the Blood Hunter. If these people want me to lay down my life for them, they need to tell me what I’m getting myself into. I had to fight this little girl.. thing. I disabled her but, that.. lectiophile charred her. I supplicated over the abomination and although it’s been a little while since…[Read more]

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    so today was an odd one i met an group of individuals that seemed to be all connected by this prophecy this old man was talking about. he showed me what only could be the Shadow Realm. it by far is the scariest thing i have ever set my eyes one.. i followed this tiefling into this ally saw this shady group conversing with the tiefling. a fight…[Read more]

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