• Mind Flayers….I pressed my fingers to my temples as I tried to recall everything I could about them. My head throbbed from the migraine that pulsed within it. I had been awake for too long.
    Light filtered in through my tent and highlighted the uneaten food I had laid next to my bedroll. I glanced down at it and shook my head with disgust, the p…[Read more]

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  • @BloodHunter changed their profile picture 9 months, 1 week ago

  • (Night before the incident)
    I do not trust Torin. There is a darkness in him that sickens me to my core. He feels no remorse for his actions towards me…when an apology would have sufficed.
    I understand having something within you that is monstrous, I myself am coping with a horrendous curse. It is those who are careless with their burdens that I c…[Read more]

  • I am a monster. Those dreams, were more than just dreams…they were premonitions. Deep down I always knew that I was no better than the creatures I hunt.

    The full moon was high in the sky and I immediately began feeling ill. I was left trembling in my bed, covered in a cold sweat. Visions of those horrific dreams plaguing my thoughts. Before I…[Read more]

  • Of all the things to forget, I forget my flaming sword…if the town wasn’t talking about a blood hunter before, they surely are now…This made me visibly nervous, but because of the conflict with the tiefling and the guards we had a good reason to leave.
    We decided to travel through the fallbourne forest instead of making our way around. I was far…[Read more]

  • Day 1: It all started with the dream…

    In my dream there was a figure standing in the door to my room. A beast-like figure that held my book in its sinister clutches and began ripping pages out of it. With every rip I could feel a piece of my soul being torn along with it. I lept up attempting to strike the figure but promptly awoke to nothing m…[Read more]

  • One week prior: (evening) I have reached the town of Ashren, and am staying at the inn. So far I have heard nothing of “the blood hunter”, so I think I will be safe here for the time being. If I spend the next few days resting I should be able to go on a hunt. There’s always some sort of monster bothering a town, I should be able to find work…[Read more]

  • One week prior: (morning) My side is still badly wounded, but everything else has healed. It makes traveling on horseback difficult for the time being, so I have taken to walking. The past two towns I’ve walked through still have whispers of “the blood hunter” floating around, so I quickly moved on. I can’t keep this up for much longer or the wou…[Read more]