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    Party not skewered by Steward.
    Too loudly my name and visage.
    Notices of reward,
    too many through town and village.

    I cannot linger, cannot leave,
    must remain with the others,
    over shoulder watching, warily
    ‘fraid found by hunters many.

    Familial ties doth bind me,

    I miss my cursed family.

    Will some day my sister,

    father & mother be free?

    Now forced to reveal,

    some of my past so low.
    Wish trust was stronger,
    Over time bonds may grow,

    P3t3, the mecha-monster,
    pitying its waning,
    @rogue did bond,
    Their lives intertwaining. (made up word as pun on twain & intertwine)

    Torin in stead of @bloodhunter Taliya,
    met in battle for tourney.
    @warlock blood-sprayed

    seats he asked for.

    Dark humor he found,

    Makes one wonder,

    in what way

    to his book he’s bound?

    Though effort valiant,

    and many a blow tossed

    ’twas painful to watch as

    Soundly @paladin lost.

    The Steward, in trade for “construct”
    did relinquish stone sought.

    Third stone there still is

    though as of now where

    we know naught.

    Leaving ‘rena I thought wise

    but despite “human” guise,
    A Dark One found me!

    I fled with heart a pounding.

    Behind not far will come
    so much woe to all.

    Those nearest & dearest may be

    the very first to fall.