• @Bard posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    Darkness clamps further around the A-@paladin‘s heart,
    is it too corrupted to be saved?
    This heart of darkness is infecting all we do,
    @warlock and @rogue, though they are not so far down the path,
    too easily pulled toward the abyss.
    The @bloodhunter seems the only with conscience as a guide,
    Anhura “volunteered” her for the tourney?!
    The A-Paladin wishing to kill an innocent to attach an undead head?!?!
    Too much, too far, this I cannot abide, else what few shreds are left of my soul, will be irrevocably damned (or it it already so?).
    No matter how noble our deeds in this quest,
    if our cores too rotten,
    expediency over morality,
    what then do we fight for?
    Will not then all our deeds be doomed in the end?
    The bloodhunter now knows another piece of my past,
    some dangers to myself and worse yet the party,
    If I am discovered.
    Belief that confidence will be kept,
    but the risk is great.
    Can the Bloodhunter and I
    guide the Paladin away
    from his path of destruction,
    helping him understand enlightened self-interest?
    A mechanical monster, destroying the city walls,
    the rogue astride?!!! I am agog!!!
    Too much attention drawn,
    best vanish in shadows,
    disguised as my grandfather.
    Hope they fair better with the Steward,
    after their destructive chaos,
    I will wait in the shadows in hope,
    to help them in need.