• @Bard posted an update 12 months ago

    Day 1
    “Today, a story clearly began, and the “muses in my head” spoke to me literally in words (a first!).
    I first watched, then realized we were all part of, as strange events unfolded within the Inn and street without.
    Strange voices in my head, ominous letters to others, a floating and talking book for a walock, a halfling, and a crazy old (and possessed?) man.
    All with the same message.
    We are to go to Fallbourne Forest.
    I wish not to go to that dark place again.
    The muses have me making a cheery ditty about such a grim place, perhaps to lift my spirits, as well as those around me, in the face of such unpleasantness.
    Some of the party seem deeply involved with the criminal underground. This lead to a brief but deadly battle against overwhelming numbers.
    At first we held our own and seemed to have the advantage.
    I did what little I could to protect these new potential comrades in arms.
    But their numbers continued to grow, and they seemed even stronger in their abilities.
    Though they could have finished us, they backed off.
    We are resting briefly to allow the more greviously wounded a chance to recover.
    We will soon be on the road that will take us down the dark paths of Fallbourne Forest…”