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    Day 1 Part 2
    The @warlock Erudite badly wounded during earlier battle with the criminal network.
    The @bloodhunter Taliya, also wounded.
    Later she walked into the inn with her sword still aflame!
    Afternoon, waiting at the inn, in the town of Asheron.
    The @rogue Anhura’s criminal background and associations,
    adding tension within the newly forming group.
    Added tension over “the box”.
    Anhura, “You can’t believe everything I say…. Criminal.”
    Innkeeper upset, sends boy for someone, perhaps the guards?
    Taliya & I sense trouble and plead with the others to leave,
    as we twain step out.
    Toren @paladin, much hostility, something “not right” with him.
    Chuckling to myself at this thought, considering myself and the others!
    He should be right at home… if he doesn’t kill us or turn us in first.
    And all these goings-on with voices, visions, letters, oh my!
    Now come the town guards.
    Toren threatens a young, nervous, guard, “I could snap your neck”.
    This is like no paladin of good or law that I have seen nor heard tell of, more like…