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    5 years lost in slumber.
    Awake in a strange hall of books,
    a massive cathedral of “inkslingers”.
    Now surrounded by strangers and foes.
    Sailing a ship south for Wyverns.
    Then to fly far north and west for the stone
    and the Arc of Angels.
    New members in our party:
    Forest Gnome Druid,
    Half-orc monk,
    A human soldier,
    A human cleric of law and…[Read more]

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    A Cappella version of the previous journal posting: https://soundcloud.com/syntheticzen/legends-through-shadow-balld-2-bonds-acapella

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    Party not skewered by Steward.
    Too loudly my name and visage.
    Notices of reward,
    too many through town and village.

    I cannot linger, cannot leave,
    must remain with the others,
    over shoulder watching, warily
    ‘fraid found by hunters many.

    Familial ties doth bind me,

    I miss my cursed family.

    Will some day my sister,

    father & mother be free?

    Now…[Read more]

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    Darkness clamps further around the A-@paladin‘s heart,
    is it too corrupted to be saved?
    This heart of darkness is infecting all we do,
    @warlock and @rogue, though they are not so far down the path,
    too easily pulled toward the abyss.
    The @bloodhunter seems the only with conscience as a guide,
    Anhura “volunteered” her for the tourney?!
    The A-Pal…[Read more]

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    Arrival in city, why oh why start in the Iron quarter!
    Dwarves, dwarves, everywhere, must hide in the shadow of Toren.
    An A-@Paladin that tried to draft us into the military…. as _soldiers_!?!?!
    That’s it! Too much sorrow, too much horror, too much loss, too few to trust.
    Cheers to the @Bloodhunter, too much to drink,
    The @rogue joins group…[Read more]

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    The Fates, a Poetic Justice, for the One that Slept on his Watch.

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    Day 1 Part 2
    The @warlock Erudite badly wounded during earlier battle with the criminal network.
    The @bloodhunter Taliya, also wounded.
    Later she walked into the inn with her sword still aflame!
    Afternoon, waiting at the inn, in the town of Asheron.
    The @rogue Anhura’s criminal background and associations,
    adding tension within the newly forming…[Read more]

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    Day 1
    “Today, a story clearly began, and the “muses in my head” spoke to me literally in words (a first!).
    I first watched, then realized we were all part of, as strange events unfolded within the Inn and street without.
    Strange voices in my head, ominous letters to others, a floating and talking book for a walock, a halfling, and a crazy old…[Read more]

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    Day 0
    “Have been in the village for a few weeks now.
    Earning my keep with music, song, and tales.
    No further sign of pursuit so far. But also no further leads toward clearing my name.
    The muses tell me I should wait here and watch for a story.”

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    This is an excerpt Khrahdûm’s raw journal. It is not his book of verse or prose…

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