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    My Little Atlas,

    Remember, do not use the drapes to swing from, I just was reminded of that and forgot to tell you! Be sure to make only the right amount of trouble, but never go too far. I’m still on my planned path and your father is seeing quite a bit! I’m still working with a group of very interesting people, no gnomes like us though. They don’t really understand what I mean when I say get out the way! They don’t understand that at all, it’s hard moving through a crowd for us. You’ll learn soon too how to move fast through other people. I’m headed into a thick, thick forest after tonight! We saw some interesting animals, you wouldn’t believe how big they are out here! One day I’ll introduce you to one when you can learn how to speak to them, just like your father.

    Keep driving momma mad!


    — Second Letter —

    My Dear Bonn,

    We are on the path still to Fallbourne Forest, right now we are resting for the night in a plain. We’ve had a run in with dire wolves, but the group I’m with handled themselves. Their urge to kill saved them in this case. We’re on the road in the morning and making a straight line there. If you hear news from this side of the continent about a lord named Gavin Cromwell, let me know in your reply. I need to know how far things are being spread. Take care of our son, make sure he’s running each day, keep him quick. You know how important that is for us.

    I love you,


    — Scribbled on the Back —

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