Razia’s Fortress

Artwork by Michael Glenn

This fortress, at the center of men, is a testament to the persistence of the human race. The Steward of Razia, Lucius Averitt, currently rules this fortress with no known heir to the throne. After the great war of men, at which Pallis and his sons were slain, Razia received word of her king’s death after which she brought an army with her to avenge her king and but she too almost fell to the horde that occupied this land.

Adakias, Pallis’ brother, sent one-third of his army to aid in the war. They arrived in time to defend Razia and claim victory to the Eastern Kingdom. Now these soldiers of Adakias’ have joined Razia and are now known as her royal guard, Razia’s Shadow.

Razia passed away of unknown causes, but her will lives on and is being upheld by Razia’s Shadow. “No more blood will be spilled to expand the Eastern Kingdom.”

The steward, Lord Averitt, believes that if they do not expand they will not have enough resources to sustain and will be forced to perish. In an effort to persevere, the steward has turned to alternative methods to gain the support of the kingdom. This is a powerful kingdom featuring a large marketplace and residential population

This is a powerful kingdom featuring a large residential population and a busy port. This is the center of the Eastern Kingdom of men and is the home to a powerful army accompanied by the elite soldiers known as Razia’s Shadow.