Elves are said to come from the Ethereal Plane of existence; a result of a Celestial event involving Ethereal Essence and Magic of Incarnum on the Corporeal Plane. They are the divine protectors of the sun, moon, stars, and nature.

High Elves


Created to guide and protect the ethereal guardians and entrusted with the power of the ethereal tree of Ŷr.


The Solarians were given the responsibility to ensure the sun was not consumed by the darkness.

Wood Elves


The Sylvan elves were the guardians of the forest and were sworn to protect Ýllethil, the tree that grants the life energy to nature.


Gifted the responsibility of the moon and the stars, these nocturnal elves were the guardians of the night. The Lunalei are the natural protectors of peace and tranquility. Be not weary while your rest for the Lunalei watch over you.


The Dhaerow (Drow) are the outcome of centuries of corruption to a group of Lunalei. Delving into the Umbral Plane and experimenting with dark magic, they’ve broken their sacred oath. Because of this, they’ve been condemned to the shadow. That corrupted power-driven tribe of Lunalei became what we now call the Dhaerow.