Our version of the Dragonborn race is cosmetically different from that of the traditional Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. 

The Dragonborn in our universe mark quite a resemblance to humans. They often stand a bit taller than the average human, close to six and a half feet tall, and weigh roughly 300 lbs due to their tougher skin and denser bone structure. Their skin tone and eye color slightly resemble their draconic ancestry. Their eyes are shaped like their dragon ancestors’ and their hands are like that of a human’s but nails are much tougher and clawlike. Their humanlike jaw structures are equipped with razor sharp teeth.

The Dragonborn have a deep hatred for the Vāurkai that extends to all Orc related races, including Half-Orc.


The Ixen (Fire) draconic clan is a fierce offensive clan with a primitive warlike culture. They honor their clan above all else and have a selective breeding tradition to eliminate weakness from within the clan.


The Vignar (Ash) draconic clan is known for their religious spirituality and determination for the preservation of ancient draconic traditions.


The Irnok (Scrivener) draconic clan are the protectors of draconic knowledge and ancestral magic. The Vāurkai have pushed this clan out of their dwelling and they now reside within the Ixen clan’s stronghold.