“Hello traveler.. .”

“You must have come a long way! There are only few that brave this journey, these days. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘What is this?’ Well good thing you’ve landed here, I have answers. Please, please.. hang your cloak and make yourself comfortable. Let me grab you a drink, perhaps?.. Excellent!”

“Well, where do I start?”

“Ah yes! This is the where the ink slingers of existence keep their work. Their creations are stored here for safe keeping. Without them, you wouldn’t exist! Without them.. I wouldn’t exist. You could say that I am the librarian existentialism or even, an existentialist.” He snorts then pushes his glasses back into place as he fixates on a flame dancing atop a wax pillar between you two.

“Let me show you around!”

He stands up and begins to walk the large cascading halls while he rambles on about time and existence.

“This is where the story begins.” He says as he points at a rather small book compared to the rest.